Studio dei biofilm patogeni
nelle perimplantiti tramite metodi
molecolari: ruolo dello
s. intermedius

Bactericide effect of powerful Ultrasonic Bone Surgery device (piezo-surgery):
Oral surgey application in BRONJ treatment: (Biphosphonate Related osteonecrosis of the jaws)

Sinus Bone Grafting Procedures
Using Ultrasonic Bone
5-Year Experience

Atraumatic tooth extraction
and immediate implant placement with piezosurgery:
evaluation of 40 sites after
at least 1 year of loading

Immediates implants placed in infected
and noninfected sites after atraumatic
tooth extraction and placement
with ultrasonic bone surgery

Use of Ultrasonic Bone Surgery (Piezosurgery) to Surgically Treat Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws (BRONJ). A Case Series Report with at Least 1 Year of Follow-Up

Split-crest and immediate implant placement with ultra-sonic bone surgery: a 3-year life-table analysis with 230 treated sites

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